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Agent FAQ

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Q. What number do I call if I need assistance or to order Marketing Materials?

A. Call the Agent Support hotline at 1-800-557-4029 for assistance and to order Global Connection Point-of-Sale materials.

Q. How do I become an agent?

A. If you have a business license, an established store location and Internet access then please contact our Agent Support hotline at 1-800-557-4029 and we will help you start the process.

(If you answer “Yes” to these questions, a Sales Manager will contact you for more information)

Q. What if a customer requests a refund?

A. Inform customers that an agent only accepts payments and is NOT authorized to give refunds. Advise the customer to contact Global Connection directly at 800-373-9091 to obtain the amount due.

Q. What if customers do not have their bill with them and are unsure of the amount to pay?

A. Customers can call our automated IVR at 1-800-373-9091 24/7, key in their phone number and get their balance.

Q. What promotions/prices are you offering?

A. Our promotion varies by state and provider. You can go onto the website page under Promotions to find out our current promotions and offers.

Q. What number should customers call for assistance?

A. Customers can reach the Customer Service hotline at 800-373-9091.