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Why CMS? 

From the basic informational website to a robust web application, Cosmic MS (CMS) simplifies the creation and management of cutting-edge internet solutions. CMS empowers novices and seasoned developers alike with a streamlined development and management process unmatched by any other software product.


The CMS content management framework is fully extensible and allows for the addition of custom content management controls to be added to meet future challenges and demands that arise in managing your clients website content.


Cosmic MS provides enterprise level hosting applications to corporations, organizations and hosting providers to enhance their end-user experience.  By directly connecting with our clients' user base, we gain tremendous knowledge to make their experience pleasant and trouble free. 

Cosmic MS strongly believes that the content management of a business's Website should be controlled by their internal staff. In order to facilitate this, Cosmic MS has developed proprietary software to update a Website using a browser-based content management system. 
  • Reduce expenses by having non-technical staff publish changes to a Website.
  • Reduce the risk of losing clients due to out-dated content.
  • Enforce compliance with corporate standards (e.g. layout, font size, background colors).
  • Empower marketing and sales teams to make their own changes and publish live within minutes, forgoing typical turnaround times of days or weeks.
  • Small learning curve due to use of a familiar Web browser interface to update the content.

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